Thursday 5 March - Thursday 9 April 1:30PM - 3PM





Please purchase full six-week course at £45 or select single sessions at £8 if you cannot make all six dates.



Grab your reader and keep them right beside you, seeing with your eyes, feeling every aah and ouch! Squeeze the juice from every sentence and take their breath away. Whether for profit or pleasure, this is the course for you.

The first session will concentrate on the story arc and basics covering how to keep it short and plotting, with a good hook at the start. We will discuss the importance of problems for the star of our story. With a prompt, we will try to capture a taste.

The second session will study character looking at empathy, pathos and an emotive situation. We will consider how to use light brushstrokes for description rather than cement. We will discuss how to trigger a reader’s imagination and write someone we know in three sentences. With a prompt we will try to capture a scent.

The third will deal with setting a place, addressing mood and introducing conflict. Weather and timing can seriously change the mood of your story. We will discuss genres and write a moody paragraph. With a prompt we will try to capture a feeling.

The fourth will deal with dialogue; its uses and advantages to move the story on. How and when to use accents and quirks of speech to define character and intent. We will take a short conversation and expand it, make it count. With a prompt we will try to capture a sound in words.

The fifth session will deal with writing creatively, bringing out the juice from the character and the setting and stirring it in with spice. This is the mixing of the cake and adding the nut. So who will break their tooth? With a prompt we will try to capture the texture under our fingertips.

The final session will be about pace/tension, and physical and emotional outcomes/ consequences. Even the simplest story has underlying threads which we will knit together, gradually increasing the strain. We will discuss a reader’s ideal ending and how to achieve it. With a prompt we will try to capture our first impression of a stranger.

Maximum 12 places.

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