07 Sep, 2018 20.00PM







Buffalo Gals travelling mix of traditional & original music, song, Appalachian step dance, humour & stories from the old-time American heritage delivers a revitalising dose of increased vigour and happiness to the simple country folk they meet along the way.

If we could bottle this feeling, we would, so leave your aches, pains and furrowed brows at home and join the Gals for an evening of ‘Doctor Good’.  Featuring the music of The Carter Family, Woody Guthrie, Hank Williams, Pete Seeger and other greats of U.S. old-time,  as well as their own original compositions, this band of wild rovers will wipe your modern-day cares away.

Relying faithfully on the magic of fiddle & banjo, the Gals trust in the restorative, positively miraculous powers of the music of bygone days, the uplifting joy of percussive dance & the edifying effects of a good story well told. So, whether you are aficionados of old-time country music or completely new to its charms, the Miraculous Medicine Show, brought to you by one of the country’s most wildly-travelled, reliable and flexible of musical acts, will be an uplifting and crowd-pleasing addition to your programme.

Combining a love of traditional sounds with an enthusiasm for fresh arrangement and a talent for lively entertainment, they appeal to audiences of all ages. Buffalo Gals’ intoxicating style and dry-humoured delivery is punctuated with the stunning and thrillingly syncopated traditional Appalachian step-dance that has become one of their trademarks.

Led by champion USA fiddler Kate Lissauer and featuring our solo dancer, Buffalo Gals specialise in the old songs and tunes of Appalachia, early Bluegrass, early Country music, blues and rags, ballads, work songs, dance numbers, spirituals and gospel – all delivered with passion, flair and humour.

Let the disheartened be uplifted, let the non-believers find meaning, the frail find strength and the dead be raised to their feet to dance… arriving soon at Hanger Farm!