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Having been to Art College and followed a career in teaching, I can now devote more time to painting. I have felt myself drawn to what is sometimes described as neo-romantic. Places visited; beach and boat scenes; mechanical constructions and figures have provided a well of inspiration.
I have attempted to depart from the natural and veer towards the symbolic. Locations as well as time travelled are encapsulated in the chronology of the past 50 years; work which is still in progress. Image choice is stimulated by things seen, coupled with a personal response. Style of execution is consequently dictated by an endeavour to convey these images; but treated in a way illustrating the influences that have contributed to my style. Inevitably that which has influenced these paintings has varied over the years.
I have made a choice in not abstracting to a degree that makes the work minimal, but have attempted to retain facets of identifiable subject matter whilst simultaneously engaging with the abstract qualities of the paint.
Oil has been the most enjoyable and flexible medium of choice.