Exhibited in Hampshire and Wiltshire. Work in public and private collections.

All work oil on canvas

Painting releases a reservoir of memories and senses. It is reflexive and adventurous. Once embarked upon, it becomes an inner dialogue. Satisfaction for the artist is achieved when, after the creative effort, the finished result often surprises. The artist often does not have a clear idea about the direction or outcome. Sometimes things are best left unfinished or half stated. The viewer is asked to engage with these uncertainties and this is what makes for a more satisfying involvement.

We are a product of our time. I was brought up and went to school in South East London. It was a time after the Second World War when there was a renewed optimism and hope for the future. There was regeneration of the bombsites, new waves of music, architecture, plastics, cars, TV, film and education grants. I was fortunate to be a recipient of this post-war generosity. I was accepted at Goldsmiths College at 17 years of age on a four year diploma course, and afterwards trained as an art teacher.

The main London galleries were less than a half hour train journey. I was exposed to so many influences that helped shape my style. There were many ‘isms’ and more to come. I am constantly energised by exposure to these influences some more than others. The viewers can make up their own mind as to which ones are the strongest.

My choice of subject changes, be it rusting machinery, landscape, abstract, harbour scenes, scrap yards etc. All are a vehicle for use of colour, texture and experiment. I consider my work to be a geographical-emotional response where images can take on a symbolic status.