Our equipment is constantly being updated and revised due to donations and acquisitions as the Centre develops. For the rig layout, click here.



  • Mixing desk – Soundcraft SI Expression – This can be operated from either the technical pod or the last row of the bleacher seating.
  • Mixing desk -Soundcraft LX2 II (Back Up) –
  • Amplifier – QSC Audio RMX 850
  • Graphic equaliser -Behringer Ultragraph Pro FBQ3102
  • Effects Units x2 – Behringer Virtualizer Pro DSP2024P
  • Compressors – Behringer MDX4600 Multicom Pro-xl
  • DI Boxes – Active x2, Passive x2
  • Speakers – EV Sx100+ these speakers are wall mounted
  • Monitors – 2x Peavey Messenger Pro
  • CD player – Eclipse CD101
  • CD player – Kenwood DP950
  • Mini-disc player MDS-JE780
  • Microphone stands x3
  • Microphone leads as required
  • A tape player can be made available but needs to be requested in advance


  • SM58 x2
  • Clockaudio C600 x2
  • Clockaudio C31E
  • Clockaudio C32E

We may be able to source further sound equipment for use in the centre. Please contact the centre to discuss your needs and the costs that may be involved in supplementing our in-house equipment.


  • Zero 88 Jester TLxtra – This can be operated from either the technical box or the last row of the bleacher seating.
  • Zero 88 Fat Frog desk (Back Up)
  • Data splitter, 8way universal Buffer/ splitter DC-PMX-DMX

Lanterns and accessories

  • THT 1000 Fresnel x8
  • Stairville MH-100 Beam x 4
  • Source 4 Profile jnr 26’ x7
  • Source 4 Profile jnr zoom 25’-50’ x1
  • Par 64 x 8
  • Strand Pat 123 x3
  • Minuette Fresnel 500w x11 – please note that these lanterns do not have barn-doors.
  • Quartet profile 22/40 x2 – please note that these lanterns do not have colour frames.
  • 500w Single Flood x2
  • 500w 4way Flood x1
  • Martin CX-2 x2
  • Gobo holders
    • Source four profile x1 size B
    • Source four Jnr Zoom profile x1 size M
    • Pat 23 x3 size B or M
  • Iris for Pat 23 x3
  • 16amp 6m extension leads x6
  • 16amp 9m extension leads x4
  • 16amp splitter 5m, two way x4
  • 16amp splitter – two way, short leads x4

Other equipment

  • Intercom system – Stonewood Audio CMLS2
  • Head cans and belt pack x3 – There are positions for cans in the technical position, backstage and in several upstage positions
  • Phillips observation system, Monitor relay – in central dressing room
  • Environmental noise control monitor – Sentry MKZ
  • DVD player and Television
  • Television with in-built video player x2
  • Overhead projector
  • Projector – NEC VT575 Hung centrally from lighting bar 4
  • Free standing projector screen

Click here to view the rig/plug plan and the measurements at Hanger Farm Arts Centre.

For any further technical information and advice, or to book an appointment to view the space or discuss your production, please contact us.