THEATRE Rehearsal£40/hour£47.50/hour
THEATRE Performance£52/hour£65.50/hour
GALLERY Weekday£27/hourN/A
GALLERY Evening and weekend£35/hour£42.50/hour
ALL VENUE Private function£72/hour£95.50/hour

These prices include, as required, professionally printed tickets, box office service and inclusion in our event listings.

Terms and conditions of hire

1        Acceptance of Conditions

The hiring of facilities is permitted only on the conditions outlined in the following regulations. Acceptance of the hire agreement is deemed to be acceptance of these conditions

2        Compliance with Conditions

The hirer (the person or body to whom the hire is granted) shall be responsible for compliance with these conditions.

3        Applications

Applications for the hire of premises should normally be made at least three weeks in advance. In general, reservations will not be accepted for dates more than twelve months in advance, except for special events such as those needing extensive preparations.

4        Centre Equipment

No use may be made of apparatus such as stage fittings, pianos etc, without permission.

5        Fabric and Fittings

The fabric and fittings (including electrical installations) and contents of the premises shall not be interfered with in any way. No treatment shall be given to prepare a floor for dancing. The hirer shall, at the end of the hire period, leave the premises in a reasonable, tidy condition, all equipment returned to the correct place of storage.

6        Storage

Storage facilities cannot be provided. When hirers are permitted to leave equipment on the premises, they do so entirely at their own risk.

7        Hirer’s Property

Furniture and apparatus required may be brought on to the premises at the hirer’s own risk. Hirers shall not bring on to the premises, without the prior consent of the Centre, any article of an inflammable or explosive nature, nor any article producing an offensive smell, nor any other substance, apparatus, or article of a dangerous nature.

8        Refusal of Hire

The Centre may refuse an application to hire the premises if:

  1. the premises are required by the Centre
  2. there has been any damage to the property or breach of these conditions during previous use of the premises by the hirer
  3. for any other reason the Centre deems it necessary or expedient to withhold the permit

No compensation shall be payable by Hanger Farm Arts Centre by reason of such a decision.

9        Cancellation by the Centre

This would apply only in extreme weather conditions where the centre was deemed unsafe to access.

No compensation shall be payable by Hanger Farm Arts Centre by reason of such a decision.

10      Cancellation by the Hirer

The hirer must give at least four week’s notice of cancellation to the Centre. If any shorter period of notice is given, the Centre reserves the right to pass on to the hirer any costs unavoidably incurred.

11      Payment of charges

An invoice will be issued by Minstead Trust four weeks before the event.

12      PRS for Music

Musical works in the repertoire of the PRS for Music may be performed by prior agreement with the Centre Manager along with a copy of the programme of music to be used for PRS for Music declaration purposes. The hirer must declare on their booking form if they intend to play music and all charges for those events will be passed on to the hirer directly. This does not include any original material written specifically for the piece but does include details of any works where permission has already been sought from the relevant rights holder.

13      Attendance and Behaviour

The hirer shall ensure that the number of persons using the premises does not exceed that for which the application was made and approved. The hirer shall be responsible for ensuring the preservation of good order for the full duration of the letting and until the premises are vacated. The hirer shall be liable for damage caused by unruly or inappropriate behaviour. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that all those attending are made aware of their responsibilities, and the Trust’s and hirer’s insurance arrangements.

14      Alcohol

Alcohol should not be brought on to the premises by hirers or patrons. The centre holds its own license for the supply of alcohol by retail and hirers should check with the Centre Manager for details of timings and conditions applicable to the licence.

15      Catering

Hanger Farm sells pre wrapped snacks only i.e. chocolate, sweets and nuts. The type and quality of food brought onto the premises for provision, sale or consumption by hirers and their visitors is neither Hanger Farm Arts Centre’s nor Minstead Trust’s responsibility. All food stuffs must be cleared away and disposed of properly (e.g. in black bin liners). Any centre-owned equipment used must be washed, cleaned, dried and stored appropriately.

16      Gambling

The premises may not be used for games of chance, other than bingo, unless specific permission has been granted by the Hanger Farm Arts Centre.

17      Insurance

We strongly recommend that you take out Wedding Insurance for peace of mind.

18      Fire Precautions / Smoking

Hirers shall familiarise themselves with the fire precautions in force on the premises, and with the means of escape in the event of a fire. Fire and other exits must be kept clear at all times.Smoking is forbidden in all areas of the building, and on the surrounding site. Strictly no naked flames permitted on the premises; pyrotechnics for dramatic purposes may be used only following a risk assessment by our Centre Technician.

19      Centre Staff

The Centre Manager, Centre Assistants and Centre Technicians are instructed by the CEO of Minstead Trust to ensure that the conditions of hire are fully complied with. All reasonable instructions given by centre staff on duty must therefore be followed.

20      Right of Access

The CEO of Minstead Trust and their agents reserve the right of access to the premises during the letting.